Badass Bajas Blankets with Leather Tote Strap

Badass Bajas Mexican blanket is perfect for picnics, camping, beaches, lakes, rivers. Attach blankets to bikes, off-road vehicles, backpacks and wheelchairs with 100% leather tote strap. Blanket measures 73" x 48" (twin size).  50% acrylic 40% polyester 10% cotton blend. Machine Washable.

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Growing up in Southern California during the 80's one thing was for sure...the "drug rug" of choice was alive and well. Whether you were hanging at the beach all day and night or heading to a party or local bar...the baja hoodie was a fashion staple. Our goal is to bring back those fond memories with the Mexican baja hoodie for every Badass to enjoy!

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Proudly Made In The USA.